Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Arc Flash Risk Assessments (formerly called Arc Flash Hazard Analysis) are a key element of the triad of standards required by NFPA 70E. RJS Engineering provides a customized, comprehensive Arc Flash Risk Assessment for your unique facility.

What makes our process different? It's simple. We don't cut corners. With safety as our priority, compliance is naturally guaranteed.

Our Arc Flash Risk Assessment process includes:

On-Site Data Collection Our field experts collect all the necessary data from your electrical system

Electrical System Modeling RJS creates a digital model of your facility's electrical distribution system and this model is used to complete the engineering analysis

Engineering Analysis Multiple safety engineering analyses are performed including Short Circuit Analysis, Protective Device Coordination Analysis, Protective Device Interrupt Rating Analysis, and the Incident Energy Analysis.

Report of Findings and Recommendations All results are presented to the facility in both a printed and digital report, including findings describing dangerous conditions within the facility. RJS provides recommendations for mitigating these hazards.

Equipment Labeling Custom, NFPA 70E-compliant arc flash safety labels are printed for each piece of electrical equipment. > learn more about NFPA 70E Compliance.

Safety Training Site-specific safety training tailored to your workplace and employees. Both on-site and online electrical safety training programs are offered. > learn more.


Arc Flash Safety Label for Electrical Equipment

Arc Flash Hazard Warning Labels identify the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that should be worn when working on energized equipment.

There's some changes affecting arc flash warning labels in the new NFPA 70E.